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After meeting with you virtually or in person, The Jingle Company will custom craft your visions into a musical jingle or audio branding identity with the latest technologies and the heart of a musician.

Some of our talent have worked with such artist(s) as Blondie, Sister Sledge, Garth Brooks, Brittany Spears, Reba McIntyre and more. 

A full demonstration and any requested changes will be made for your approval.

Your final product will be mixed and mastered into multiple versions at national broadcast standards and available for instant download.


There is no jingle project that is too big or too small. We will never skimp on production quality and offer jingle packages for  any size business and budget. 


An advertising message is remembered up to 45% better with a musical jingle than without.

-Journal of Advertising.


Our jingles are easily remembered

Hear what your jingle will sound like