Frequently Asked

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1. How much does a jingle cost?

The price of a Jingle ranges with the market size (based on Nelson Ratings) and amount of production that needs to be put into a session. The price for larger markets will be higher but we do have packages that will fit about any size of business and budget. Feel free to contact us on a specific quote. We are very competitive in the market on price. Of course bottom line is the creative and we will not skimp on quality.

2. How long can I use the Jingle?

The Jingle packages you get from The Jingle Company are licensed to you for the life of your company. We do offer some time limited licenses for companies that request to lower cost of package and are only going to use the jingle for a limited time.

3. How long will it take to get a jingle?

The average time it takes for a jingle to be produced is within two weeks. We do offer immediate service of production that is with in a day to two days at additional cost.

4. How many versions do I get?

The typical Jingle package consists of 8 to 10 different cuts for 60, 30, 15 and 10  second commercials with different time amounts of space for announcer speaking in it. We can produce custom cuts for specific client needs also.

5. Can I have a jingle in English and in Spanish?

Yes we can produce the jingle package for you in English and or Spanish depending on your needs.

6. Is there any cost or obligation to have The Jingle Company create a custom demonstration for my company?

We ask for half of the production cost up front to help pay for the initial talent and production costs and the rest of the payment once the jingle is accepted. We do offer from time to time do specific recording sessions for company’s the have shown an interest but do it on a case by case situation.

7. Can I have more than one music style for different radio formats?

Yes we can produce the Jingle into different music styles if needed. We can also tailor the Jingle for different seasons and for specific departments of you company (such as new cars and used cars with a car dealership). Of course, there are price increases for the additional production that goes into a jingle package. Honestly, most companies are very happy with one music style.

8. Will I have to pay more to use the jingle if we ad new stores in additional markets after we purchase the use of the jingle?

You will not have to pay more money for the use of the jingle if you grow into larger markets. You have a big advantage to invest in a jingle now before your company grows.

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